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Official name of the production company: SKOPY SHOE FACTORY LTD

When was the brand first introduced in the Cyprus market: First appeared in 1992

History: The company started with the manufacture of children's footwear in 1992. At a later stage it dealt with the manufacture of women shoes and then proceeded to the production of men's shoes.

Around 1997, the Company made openings at both European and Arab Countries. Since then, it continues to manufacture and supply the Cyprus, European and Arab markets.

It is worth noting that male footwear is manufactured in sizes 39-52 and women in sizes 35-44. Skopy also manufactures special footwear in cooperation with podiatrists for people with mobility problems.

The Company owns a plant in pygas Workers and employs 30 people. It also has 4 retail shops in Nicosia district.

How many products, of Skopy brand, sold : Each year, Skopy sells around 100,000 pairs.

Immediate plans: The construction of new models according to the latest fashion trends, all in high quality and well presented and possible lower cost and therefore sales prices.

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